Cars Furniture

I was born and raised in Turin, Italy, in the backyard of Fiat’s global headquarters. Automobiles had a fundamental impact on my childhood. One of my fondest memories happened when I was 9. I remember sitting on my father’s lap, driving his weathered Fiat 124 around the neighborhood. The city’s talented car designers fascinated me—they were some of the most talented car designers in the world: Pininfarina, Giugiaro, and Bertone. When I came to America, I fell in love with the industrial horsepower of 1960’s muscle cars. Inspired by my childhood, I began restoring American muscle cars with Italian influence.

I’ve always loved the 1970 Chevy Camaro split bumper. I started from a 3D design, engineering a car that was bold and sexy: big wheels, shaved doors, and a dual color paint job. I designed the interior to stand out resto-mod style.